Charting My Blogging Strategy and Kicking Off the First Winter MedTech Start-up Workshop in the Centech Accelerator

Today I will outline my blogging strategy for the course of the next several months, and depending on feedback from subscribers to the blog and followers on Linkedin, I’ll make some “mid-course corrections” as needed.


I plan to introduce you to the MedTech start-up acceleration process at Centech, and share the wisdom of the process from product concept (addressing an unmet need) right through to commercialization (and a successful exit!).

As well, I will share the wisdom of certain guest bloggers, spanning the critical disciplines of regulatory, IP and strategic commercialization strategies so critical for a MedTech start-up. These are subject matters experts who have a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in their respective fields.

In addition, I will share the “real-life” stories of the current and past start-ups that I have accelerated and mentored, as well as those I continue to work with today. We’ll look at their challenges, hardships and victories.

 MedTech Workshops at Centech - Kick-off 2019

This past week, I gave my first of many MedTech workshops at Centech here in Montreal. A new cohort of six start-up initiatives were welcomed by me and my two guest speakers: fellow entrepreneur Stuart Kozlick, BCF Chief of Healthcare Technology Strategies and Business Development and Louis-Paul Marin, President, LOK NA - a QA & RA services company.

It was a lively and engaging initial session, as Stuart and I covered key learnings from our MedTech start-up experiences, while Louis-Paul discussed critical regulatory challenges and success tips.

Over the course of the next week, both guest speakers will be following up with blog posts on this site, with some of their key messages from the workshop. Future posts will share the main takeaways from all the players at this opening session.