MedTech investment - where does Canada stand?

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The need – and opportunity - to put Canada on the map for MedTech is evident. Fortunately, what’s happening these days at Centech is helping us take a larger share of this pie.

There is a real sense of momentum happening in Quebec’s MedTech sector in particular, and Centech is at the heart of it. I’m seeing the potential on a weekly basis there in my role as entrepreneur-in-residence, working with young entrepreneurs in both the Acceleration and Propulsion programs.

The value they provide, through their innovative ideas and dedication, is at the core of what will drive up deal share in the next few decades. But we need all stakeholders working together to make this happen:

·      mentors who know what it takes to see an idea all the way through to commercialization or exit

·      educational institutions

·      regulatory bodies and provincial and federal government investment

·      acceleration hubs like Centech that bring it all together to create a viable, attractive MedTech ecosystem

This aim of this blog is to continue to shine a spotlight on all of the above players, making sure that investors continue to see the full power and scope of what we’re building here.