An effective and functional Medtech ecosystem consists of many moving parts, each with a valuable role to play.


 I’ve been fortunate to have gained experience and knowledge as an employee and as a CEO in the medical device field, then as an entrepreneur with several successful exits, and now as an entrepreneur-in-residence and advisor to the next generation of exceptionally bright minds within Centech, one of Canada’s leading technology accelerators.

 My perspective regarding the Medtech ecosystem is unique – it’s an efficient, effective and strategic approach to commercialization. Essentially, it provides a step-by-step method to what can be a somewhat opaque and overly daunting process for many.

It’s this approach that I aim to bring to all stakeholders in today’s Medtech field, in Canada and beyond. My ultimate goal is to help to increase investment and grow Canada’s position - as well as support other interested parties across North America - in the global medical technology marketplace, creating a thriving, sustainable Medtech industry for decades to come.